Let me help you to design your digital brand according to your goals.


We will define the right way to communicate your core values.


Select the corresponding channel to reach a wisely targeted audience.

Price Plans

I would like to inform you about my pricing system* and the way I organized it. My offer is segmented into 3 categories. You will find an option that fills the gap between your demand, and useable tools digital content.
I offer a maintenance rate which applies for intervention and specific duties payable in advance or at your digital project delivery.
360° Digital Package : offer covers it all. It includes all those independents audit actions in addition to all the duties necessary to improve your digital impact in depth. This service requires a significant investment of time and testing that will prove itself efficient within an average period of at least 3 months. 
An offer concerning the audits services or a punctual mission to be achieved for your company can be requested independently. To do so, I invite you to place your order through the contact page.
In order to be able to respond accurately to your expectations. It is very important to be as precise as possible about the development of your project when you contact me. We will modulate together an adequate strategy so that you can benefit from the best value for money before project management.

Digital Audit / Admin

An efficient offer for your company.
Services including a maintenance service or  a domain specific audit. The offer has a minimum 3 months length requirement.
Billed Monthly, or Annually


Social Media Administration
SEO Optimization (in/off-page)
Marketing & Strategy Planning,
Art Direction, Video Authoring
*for recurring clients

360° Digital

(Extendable on demand)
Billed Monthly, or Quarterly 
Services including the Digital Project Management and Audit. The offer has a mandatory 3 months length requirement to maximize its effect.


All Inclusive. 
Project Management and the Digital Audit.
Web Audit
eReputation Consultation
Social Media Marketing
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