Let me help you to tailor your digital brand design to align seamlessly with your strategic goals.


We will strategically articulate your core values through targeted communication.


Choose the optimal channel for engaging your meticulously targeted audience.

Price Plans

I'd like to share details about my structured pricing system, which is organized into three distinct categories. This approach ensures you'll find an option that bridges the gap between your specific needs and the digital tools and content available.
I provide a maintenance rate that covers specialized tasks and interventions, with payment options available either in advance or upon completion of your digital project.
Our 360° Digital Package is an all-encompassing solution that includes independent audits along with essential tasks to profoundly enhance your digital impact. This service demands a substantial time investment and testing phase, yielding effective results within a minimum timeframe.
You can independently request audit services or specific project-based tasks for your company. To proceed, please submit your inquiry via the contact page.
To deliver tailored solutions that meet your expectations, it's crucial to provide detailed information about your project when reaching out. Together, we'll craft a strategy that ensures you receive optimal value before project execution.

Digital Audit / Admin

An efficient offer for your company.
Services including a maintenance service or  a domain specific audit. The offer has a minimum 3 months length requirement.
Billed Monthly, or Annually


Social Media Administration
SEO Optimization (in/off-page)
Marketing & Strategy Planning,
Art Direction, Video Authoring
*for recurring clients

360° Digital

(Extendable on demand)
Billed Monthly, or Quarterly 
Services including the Digital Project Management and Audit. The offer has a mandatory 3 months length requirement to maximize its effect.


All Inclusive. 
Project Management and the Digital Audit.
Web Audit
eReputation Consultation
Social Media Marketing
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