Sébastien Leria

Make Art-Direction Great Again

Level up your digital project and turn it into a successful business strategy.


From Art Direction to Tactical Execution, I specialize in transforming your concepts into impactful deliverables. Leverage my expertise to enhance your brand's potential, ensuring your objectives are not just met but surpassed. Delegate the design intricacies to me, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.


A thriving brand is built on strategically curated assets and precisely executed display strategies that resonate with pride. These elements not only communicate intrinsic value but also establish the emotional tone that engages your target audience. With the right advertising campaign, these touchpoints are optimized for maximum impact


Effective message dissemination requires a meticulously planned course of action, one that leaves no room for improvisation. I provide end-to-end oversight across all stages of your digital product's lifecycle, guaranteeing expertly managed promotional activities for optimal results.
How do I proceed ?

I am dedicated to delivering innovative and high-quality digital solutions that set new industry benchmarks.

As a solo specialist in digital project management, I can intervene at any juncture of your project's evolution—be it a nascent idea or an advanced undertaking. Through a meticulous situational audit, I leverage agility and precision to furnish you with a data-driven roadmap designed to elevate your online business to new heights of success.

360 Digital Project Management

Create a digital footprint the way it has to be done. Making satisfaction a descriptive word emanating from your clients when they recommend your products.

Why Partner with Me?

I conceptualize, develop brand identities, and oversee digital projects from inception to completion.

Leverage my specialized expertise in digital strategy and project management to drive your objectives forward. Benefit from tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs, underpinned by data-driven insights. Together, we'll achieve measurable, impactful results for your business.


We're trusted by clients.
  • Photo_Josue
    "Dear Sebastien,
    We were rowing against the current and didn't feel like we were making any progress in building our site. And then you came along, and suddenly the wind picked up, and our crossing was immediately easier and more efficient. That's why all the team of Agapé Guadeloupe says a big thank you for your help, both professional and very attentive to our expectations, even if some of them must have destabilized you."
    Josué Galita
    Agapé Guadeloupe
  • Photo Virginie M.
    "Sébastien created our website and logo for the SOS Mains 95 -L'Isle Adam. We were 4 partners with different requests, and he was able to adapt and understand the wishes of each one. By his professionalism, his reactivity and his availability, he knew how to satisfy all the members of the team and to realize our logo and our website. We are all 4 very satisfied!"
    Dr. Virginie Mas
    Hand Surgeon
    Clinique Conti I Elsan
  • Photo Sharon
    "The website was made quick, customized and easy to use! Communication was easy. Sebastien knew my vision and was able to turn that into a professional site!"
    Dr Sharon Elefant
    California Outreach & Relationship Manager
    Elefant Group Consulting
  • Photo_Johanna
    "Sébastien is a good listener, he understands my request very well. He knows how to use his expertise to set up an adapted solution. The final rendering is neat for a complete and turnkey delivery."
    Johanna Leria
    Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant
    Tiny Hulk Fitness

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